=- Automatic moisture meter and annealing machine -=








Sensitive and perfect water flow measure by using flowmeter, Automatic and manual control of required quantity of water by the means of motor operated valve, Keeping the water flow to be given to wheat in calculated quantity. Control of wheat passing must be made sensitively, Instantaneous monitoring of the humidity ratio in the wheat

Instantaneous monitoring of the flow rate of the added water (litter/hour), Instantaneous monitoring of the calculated water amount which is required to be added (litter/hour), Setting and Adjusting required quantity of water (%), Monitoring of the water amount (liter/hour) which needs to added manually, Ability of water addition manually or automatically with a constant flow rate, Monitoring of the water amount (liter) used since it has been reset.

0-1.5001t/hour water control area, %5 Water measurement precision, 2,5 bar minimum waterworks pressure, 4 bar nominal waterworks pressure, 8 bar maximum waterworks pressure