=- 25 - 50 Kg Single Weighing Single Station Flour Packing Machine -=








Plc Based Control System, Filling system preventing scaling errors, Fast and precision scaling with stainless steel Loadcells, Paint (epoxy) in accordance with food regulations, Independently programmable upper and lower tolerances, Height adjustable sewing machine

Monitoring the number of filled bags, Height adjustable sewing strap, Programmable bag number to be filled, Parts contacting product are Crn-304 quality production (optional), Lower and upper controlled bunker level sensors, Touch screen Operator Menu (Optional), Easy calibration on operator menu

Capacity : 22-24 Ton/Hour, Working Pressure 5-7 Bar, Electric Power 400 V-AC /50-60 Hz, Set Value 10 Gr, Sensitivity (+ -) 50-100 Gr